Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Of Manny and Eric3: Lupang Hinirang

According to Dong Puno's column 'My Viewpoint' in Philippine Star this morning, Martin Nievera (my favorite balladeer, by the way) , who was in the audience during Manny's and Eric's bout, volunteered to sing our National Anthem. But instead, it was a certain Jenny something, who, in full traditional Filipina saya, "belted" out (yeah, she did...more like shrieked out) a 'sleepy' rendition of Lupang Hinirang (now how did she managed to do that?!?) She has a good voice, mind you, but we had our mouths hanging when she finished the anthem with a shrieking climax (read: with a flat note) and shouted something like "Laban Pacman!!"

LOL you should have heard the "oh no's" and "oh my God's" at home. I really thought she was bad. But when they called John Secada, I thought, "We're dead!!!". Imagine having a great singing icon like John Secada singing both the Mexican and American Anthems! Wow! What made us raise eyebrows was when the oh so ever helpful TV anchor said that, and I quote, in Dong Puno's column, "....that our earnest, but not-ready-for-prime-time, diva is related to the chair of a sports body, a former senator, and an incumbent senator.."

Kaya pala. Bow.

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