Friday, January 27, 2006


Two days off finally! Arrived home around 11am. Should've been home earlier (around 8am) if it were not for a few hours of girl-talk and bonding sessions with a few friends over coffee. When I got home, I received news that early this morning, there was police line near our corner here (less the 2 minutes away), and an ambulance on stand-by. Apparently, a house was forcefully entered and members of the household were, umm, k----d.

It was quite a shock for me, as I have lived in Marikina since I was 2 yrs. old. I just remember those times when closing the front door doesn't necessarily mean that you had to lock it. But now it's different. Not too long ago, I was held up right in our street corner-- 3 houses away from mine! I've seen Marikina prosper and I carry a certain pride to say that I live here. Our place used to be a quite subdivision. Well, things do change.

Going back-- it was really scary. I never thought it would happen here. Near our place. At the corner where I always pass going to and from work. Maybe things like that do happen. When places prosper. Where there is growth. When other people start to come in. "You have to be vigilant!" I definitely agree with Mad-Eyed Moody there.

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braxxyyyy said...

Kaya ayan...ingat ka will never know what dastardly things others might be cooking up...ingatz palagi