Monday, January 02, 2006

Sing your heart out

I sort of caught my 7-year old daughter singing Pinoy Big Brother's Sam and Say's song "Magmahal Muli" on the phone to a boy named Jom from school. While having coffee in the kitchen with my mom, we took occassional glances at Andee who started singing "Pinoy Ako" on the phone complete with choreography!!! I couldn't believe this. But it was a better shot than the first time I heard her. She was singing 'Lupang Hinirang' (Philippine National Anthem) to this boy at school. Apparently, this boy wanted to hear her sing because it was the time when they were asked to memorize the song, and Andee was tasked to lead the class during flag ceremonies.

I remembered the time when Andee was four. She came into the living room and surpised me by saying, "Ma, si Rafael, lalaro kami sa kuwarto ko" ("Ma, this is Rafael, we will just play in my room") referring to this handsome 4-year old neighbor. Then off they went. I turned to my brother and said "Nag-uwi ng lalaki ang anak ko!" ("My daughter brought a boy home!") My brother thought it was funny. Well, I thought otherwise. It brought a tear to my eye. Honest!

Times are surely different now. There were instances when Andee would say that she has a crush on this boy, or how a boy looks at her in school, etc. etc. I never, never remembered telling my mom that I had a crush on whoever when I was Andee's age. I'm glad of course, because at this age she has been open with regard to feelings about anything.

Happy new year to all! I know I should post pics from the holidays so that, I owe you!


dien03bheiby said...

hi ate reia, i've been updating my new blog,,,i'm quite unsatisfied on my previous blog,,,

well bout andee,,,well,,i was afraid of boys when i was andee's age,,,i wasn't too talky to boys when i was in my prep and elementary days but come to think of it,,i have a boyfriend now!

children today are extroverts,,tulad nga ng situation ni andee,,i believe she doesn't see any malisya at what she was doing at all...kasi bata p nga xia.

dont worry ate reia,,,andee's still young.

vct my new bloggie okei?

badbadtz-carlo said...

i don't have kids yet, but even so, if i were in your place, i would react/feel the same way. but don't worry, she is not alone. my cuzzins who are of the same age as your andee behave the same way... my tito's and tita's would not confront their kids about it but often after seeing/learning about such behavior, we would often find them with san mig lights on the front porch... escpecially their fathers... :)

when i was a kid, boys and girls of such age would only busy ourselves playing at the park/playgrounds... i only decided to destroy mylife with such in college! :P

hope all would be well for your andee... especially for her mommee! :D

Reia said...

hey dien and carlo! thanks :-) LOL now that I remember it, it does sound funny, my reaction, that is. i'll be visiting your blog dien, no worries. carlo, thanks..hope everything would be 'well' :-)