Sunday, January 08, 2006

Simply sexy?

One of the gifts I truly enjoyed last Christmas was a personalized one from my friend, Maan. This is a simple framed colored pencil hand-drawn picture of our college barkada in swimsuits! The reason why I enjoyed this so much was because Maan was never really that of an artist, but how proud she was! (and I am too!) Our group has 8 members and we were guessing who's who in the drawing. (She made one for each of us and majority guesses that I am the one in the red two-piece, 2nd from the right). Hmm..very observant, Maan! LOL. This is really great!

I appreciate simple things as these as opposed to expensive gifts (well, it does not mean that you can't give me one!!! lol). For me it's the sincerity, thoughtfulness and creativity that goes along with it. I still keep old, old wrappers of chewing gum with a 'thank you for being my friend' written at the back of it (from a friend way back in grade school). I had received a card with my picture drawn on it for my birthday, a personalized beaded bracelet, an ordinary drinking glass embelished with artificial flowers and leaves, a cassette tape personalized with all my favorite songs, an ordinary folder filled with birthday wishes and doodles from my staff in retail, a small round stone with my name in correction fluid, a humongous card made from a one whole sheet of white cartolina, etc., etc., etc., given mostly by friends, and admirers (yeah I had those!!!)

This 2006 has given me a lot to look forward to. Though 2005 has been a really tough and frustrating one, I do hope everything will do a turnaround this doggy year!
I've got new friends. I'm meeting interesting people.
Great barkada. Beautiful kids. Obedient cat.
New job. Easier to smile. Confidence AND weight gain.
Carrotte. Marga. DJ. Yna. Gracelyn. Grace. Agnes. Lynn. Em-ay. Ed. Brax. Abner. (mwah!)

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