Monday, January 09, 2006


I accidentally surfed into this blog. Ganns' Superblessed blog emerged as runner-up for Most Informative Blog in the recently concluded 2005 Philippine Blog Awards. It was quite a read. I never thought I'd find a blog as inspiring as this is. Simply refreshing! It was also a pleasant surprise to know he has been visiting AND reviewing other blog finalists, which is why I am posting an entry right now :-) Thank you Ganns for that simple yet beautiful review, in which he described My Scratch Pad as:

"... a feminine, cat-oriented blog with thoughtful entries that reflect a charming nature and love for life. Lovely! ..." that really made my year :-)


eyeovthestorm said...

Love your blog! Children are beautiful! Please check my site.

Ganns said...

Hello, Reia! I meant every word. :) God superbless your 2006! :)