Friday, March 03, 2006


Vital statistics? Nahh....
These are actually the top 3 age guesses I had today at work. It's a nice feeling how people get to know, and greet you with a 'happy birthday' and do an honest-to-goodness age guessing game. (Well, I'm definitely NOT complaining!)
It's nice too, when your team mates greet you a "Happy birthday!" and follows it up with "Yang's turning 38 tomorrow!" and hear others react "Ooowwwssss?!?" and "Wa-hhhaaaattttt?!?"
Quiet now. Let me savor that moment..!


brax said...

vital stats?.......liit naman..kailangan ivulcanize talaga hahahahaha hapi bday

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ms. reia! :)

Reia said...

brax, thanks :-) hehe..kailangan bang i-vulcanize?
henson, salamat din..!