Saturday, March 04, 2006

Quality time birthday

Slept for only about 4 hours today. Woke up, not at all feeling tired or wasted (been out since last night and got home before 3am today), and this beautiful drawing was being waved at my face. It said:

"Happy B-day Mama Fr. Andee & Diego"

It was a drawing (and watercolor) of a cat, amply named 'Graffar" (don't know where they got the name) and according to Andee it was based on Mr. Bean's landlady's cat. Sweet! :-)

I would like to blog about how I spent my birthday today.. aside from answering birthday text messages and emails. I'd say it was different from all other birthdays I've spent. No frills. I was supposed to take the kids out for a swim.. but Andee was down with the colds, and had her friend Rafael over(remember the handsome little boy she introduced to me before?) Did a few errands in the morning (my mom hasn't arrived yet from errands I did).
I'd also say that this was a day when I realized how I would live my life now that my situation is somewhat.. not that 'confusing' anymore. Perhaps after all times spent with a few chosen people made me stronger, or more confident. I'd say that it only took an assurance from a person that took out the 'me' I missed for all those 8 years--- able to stand, at last, back on my own two feet.


brax said...

Im glad you had a wonderful natal day. I really hope all your dreams would come true. Good Luck.
Sayang di ako nakasama sa mga naiblowout.

Reia said...

thanks, brax. ahem...what blow-out?!? :-D

margerx said...

happy to know at least everything seemed to go the way it should go--leaving worries behind and living life to the fullest!what more do I have to wish for you? I miss you much friend! GOd Bless

Reia said...

marga... miss you too! wish we could get together sometime.