Sunday, March 12, 2006

Touch base

The one binding factor that all of mankind has in common, regardless of sex, age, or religion, is the need for human touch. From birth, an innate sense of calm and peace is derived from the tender caresses of a parent. And in moments of joy, fear, or solitude, there is no synthetic substitute for a reassuring hand to hold or arms to embrace. Nothing can beat that warmth feeling of having an arm over your shoulder, a hand in your hand, or just merely beside people you really care about.

They say, that especially with children, touch transmits even a better therapeutic 'thingi' or something of sort that makes them smarter, wittier, and even more 'malambing' ( did I hear someone say EQ?). With Diego (my 3-year old_ for instance, iba ang lambing niya. He loves to hug, kiss, embrace. He openly says "I love you's" with a reassuring look in his eyes (OMG! he'll make a fantastic boyfriend someday!). Between him and Andee, he had experienced the most hugs,kisses, and I love you's from me. (Andee was more of a papa's girl and grandma's girl).

I am naturally a 'touch' person. If I feel comfortable with you, whether you're male or female, then expect that. I make you feel special, whether as a friend or otherwise.. no malicious intent. I hug to show someone I love, welcome or appreciate, them. This is me. Lucky you :-)

To close, I'd like to share this excerpt from
The loving touch of parents and other people is essential to our growth, if touch is inhibited or absent, it is reflected in our self-esteem, our confidence and the ability to function and evolve into a socially acceptable adult. Touch means contact, and for humans and animals touch is of vital importance. It gives reassurance, warmth, pleasure, comfort and renewed vitality - it tells us we are not unconnected. When we are deprived of touch we feel alone and anxious.


braxxy said...

mukhang talagang swerte nga yun ka touch a...hehehehehe....depende sa klase at sa location...hahahha jokjokjok..mwahhhhhhh

Reia said...

braxxyy!!! hmmm...gutom lang yan! LOL