Friday, March 17, 2006

It's for her

I never thought I'd be caught between being practical and being emotional. It hurts. Deeply. Everytime I think about it, it's like a great big rock on my chest, and somehow it also has a trigger in my tear ducts. It's automatic. I feel the rock. I let go of the tears.

My mom was home from her Palawan visit and asked that she talk to me. She knows how hard I am dealing with whatever I have right now, especially for Andee and Diego's sake. She would want to take Andee and have her continue school in Palawan. She laid all practical cards on the table... while I was dealing with the emotional ones. She has a point. And I, as now the major decision maker for my kids, had to accept the fact. She'll take care of Andee, her schooling, etc... and Diego will be with me while I try to get my life back to pieces.

For two days now, it's been a load just thinking about how I'll be missing her. In a few days, school will be out. Give another month and I have to take her to Palawan. Yes I guess it's for the better. It's for her. And I just had to let go.


Anonymous said...

tough decision you made there. you're one strong woman. saludo ako sayo. :)

i really hope that it'll all be for the best. sana it'll be worth the sacrifice din. :)


Reia said...

thanks a bunch henson! (hikbi!) yes it was really tough. i still get teary-eyed when i think about it. :-)

brax said...

That self sacrifice and denial would one day reap fruits for andee. Her future, education and well being is the gift that you will give her that no one can take away. The pain is the price one has to the saying pain no gain. Godspeed in your never ending battle with life's complications.

Earl Andre said...

Kakaiyak naman... so sorry it had to come to this. Life is so unpredictable and we have to be prepared for anything she (or he) may throw at us. We all have faced life's trials in one form or another, and whether we succeed or fail, it always teaches as a valuable lesson, and makes us more stronger and wiser. Just wanted you to know that we're all here for you... basta may kailangan ka sabihin mo lang. Wag lang pera kase poor aku ngayun. hehe Luv ya sis! MWAH!!

Reia said...

brax, naninibago ako sa comment serious :-) thanks. I really needed that!

earl, yes, i know. luv you too, bro!!! muah!