Wednesday, November 22, 2006

KFC Extreme!!!

KFC's Extreme Hotshots.

I love their ordinary Hotshots, it is 'hot' and spicy enough though most people I know can't take it. For those who can, and had tasted The Extreme, some say it is ridiculously 'hot', while others say that the taste of chicken was drowned by the taste of the chili powder. I've got to try this!

The box says/ shows it all. Sort of gives a warning to consumers. Was having second thoughts the first time. Went to KFC by my lonesome. Naku! pano kung bigla akong naiyak sa anghang?!? When I took a piece out of its box.. tadtad nga ng chili powder! Itutuloy ko pa bang isubo? baka kelanganin ko pa ng extra drink or something? No.. pananagutan ko ito. And I did.

Heaven!!!! hehe... :-)

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