Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seeing things, feeling things

For the past 3 weeks, I've been 'seeing' again. Mostly in our living room and near the kitchen. It's still the same --- a figure, not really solid, can't see the face. What is different this time is, she (yes, I saw long hair) is in light blue. I can't really tell if it was a long dress, or a shirt that's light blue. I see her usually at the kitchen door, while I have my breakfast (actually, dinner.. when I get home from work around 7am), just standing there. Or sometimes near the telephone in the living room, or by my mom's bedroom door. Naku kinikilabutan ata ako habang sinusulat ko ito. Now I don't see her anymore. Hmmm... probably visited lang or had a pitstop before moving on. Oh well. The other night, before All Saint's Day, I was awakened na parang may nagwiwisik ng tubig sa akin. Weird.

Lately too, I've been getting these headaches again. Was not able to go to work for 4 days, but at least I have temporary normal sleeping hours. My closest friend claims being awake at around 2:00 am recently for unknown reasons. Weird.... Me too.


braxxxyyyyyy said...

ako...di mo ako nakita na lumulutang?....nag out of body transport ako kasi di mo na ako naalala e....huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

Earl said...

Yo ache.... that's kinda weird coz i also felt the same thing (nawiwisik ng tubig) some nights ago... can't remember exactly when though. Alam ko naman na dun sa Flat na tinuluyan namin meron mga unseen entities from the noises we hear, stories people tell, pati na rin sa mga pictures na nakuhanan ko. Pero it's really odd to know that you experienced the same thing.