Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hilong talilong

Today Sunday, aside from being quite busy, is 'hilong talilong' for me. Was awake for literally the whole day yesterday (got lots to do after work) .. met up with college friends, attended the internment of my friend's mom, talked about Gel's wedding plans, did a little grocering.

This morning it was market day with my mom. My sister-in-law, Carol, better-half of my brother, Earl, and my nephew, Hugo, had lunch at home today. Earl will be visiting from Dubai this Christmas and of course, all of us are excited to see him (and his few extra pounds!) even if it had been barely six months since he left. After that, me and my brother, Ron, had the task of checking all the Christmas lights at home. The kids are good in 'dictating' as what to do, or already 'planned' for us adults the EXACT date and time when all Christmas decorations MUST be up. The capiz lights decor on our yucca tree had to be re-positioned as the tree has grown. The tivoli lights were taken out and would have to be replaced. Garlands and other decorations were checked. Since neighbors had their lights up already beginning last week, the kids had been pleading that we do too. Our deadline? Nov. 25-26th.

During lunch we were talking about Christmas lunch menu since it had been tradition that relatives and family have lunch at home during Christmas. Cak suggested that hey, lunch out this time as we all will be watching Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Movie first showing. Oh yeh! December 25th is the start of the Metro Manila Film Festival. We were sort of having not exactly heated conversation on how we'd go about Christmas lunch...or Christmas Dinner? but by hook or by crook, Cak will watch. First Showing. Period. Oo nga naman. Where's family support here?!?! Amidst all the excited of watching, and how the movie would go.. we weren't able to decide what to do yet. Hehe..

...matagal pa naman e. :-)

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