Saturday, November 18, 2006

Smart commercial


Don't know if that is the right word to use. A wife's constant love and affection for her husband, even if he is paralyzed from the neck down (with the exception of one of his hands), and a son, who constantly stays in touch with his mom with whatever important event that happens in his life -- a promotion, a recent break-up, or just simply 'baby-sitting' his sister. These are 2 new commercials from Smart. The husband says thanks and I love you's to his wife through texting, and the son, still texts his mom who already passed away.

Overwhelming. Jolts my the heart.


Angge said...

In fairness naiyak ako dun sa husband and wife commercial.

BRAX said...

iba talaga magmahal ang asawang everlasting.....mga mahusay magalaga from cradle to grave ika nga if give the right nurturing and chance to prove their worth. MABUHAY ANG MGA BABAENG TUNAY MAGMAHAL !!!!!!!

Reia said...

Ge, tears to the max!
Brax, yes, I agree...but sometimes it can lead to nowhere :-(