Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zaturnnah wait is nearly over!

The Metro Manila Films Festival opens Dec. 25th though there are news that it'll start one day earlier (weekend opening). News about having a premiere for Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah: Ze Moveeh is still, well, news... though I think Dec. 20th was the date set (buti nalang naka VL ako non!) . I could just imagine the crowd! When I first saw the pictures, wow... talk about an array of colors (thanks, bro)! I just needed to share this with ZZZ fans! Here's hoping the movie comes out as well as its play counterpart!

Cak was able to preview the movie trailer (expect the Filmfest movie trailers to show very soon!), and in his words:

"The Zaturnnah trailer was a lengthy, colorful monster. It didn't tell the whole story, thank goodness, but it showed a whole lot. It focused more on the kinetic scenes, so Rustom Padilla and Alfred Vargas figured in quite rarely. The trailer's not perfect, but it was fun in the Regal sort of way, with enough bits to turn curiousity into interest. And the frog was cute."

Naka! sobrang excited na ng nanay ko nito!

The play re-run is tentatively set January of next year, again with Eula Valdez at the helm. Don't want to miss that! (again)



Jheck David said...

ate yang, i've uploaded the trailer on my site. check it out! exciting itech! :-)

zee said...

excited na naman ako. parang yung feeling ko 10 months ago. hahahaha.

can't wait to see the movie. i got ecstatic when i saw the trailer yesterday nung nanood ako ng Inang Yaya. hay. Totoo na 'to. Ito na yun. hahaha.

and syempre can't wait to see the theatre play again! :)

Hi Ms. Reia! Kamusta?

Reia said...

jheck, thanks so much for the info! included the trailer here too for more mileage :-) naku sana magkita na tayo!!!

zee!!!! long time! at least you've seen the trailer sa wide screen. looks like we'll be seeing each other very soon!!!! :-)