Saturday, April 14, 2007


Went directly to St. Luke's after for Andee's series of tests to see if she is already cleared of her Bronchopnuemonia in preparation of her eye operation. St. Luke's is really soooo kainis to go to. Aside from the traffic and heat, the grounds are enough to make one suffocate-- sobrang sikip and parking is hell. GMA apparently, reportedly converted the 5th floor of the hospital into a mini Malacanang because of the First Gentleman's condition. True enough, there was a cordoned part in the hospotail lobby for paparazzis and reporters, a podium set-up for news updates. The lobby was filled with familiar political faces, aside from a group of priests and nuns. Anyway. it took all morning for the tests to complete.

Results will be taken directly to Andee's pediatrician. The follow-up check-up on Tuesday will now set a schedule for the opeartion.

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