Monday, April 16, 2007

Diego's First Day

It was Diego's first day in trial class. He was wide awake at 5:30am! (his class starts at 9am). Sobrang excited. When we arrived, there were already about 5 kids there. He was quite when he was led inside the room. Parents and yayas were allowed to go at the back to peek at the windows. Diego was already sitting quietly and then all of the sudden, you'd see him trying to supress tears! He was looking around the room then at us (I was with Andee and yaya Wilma). Then he'd start rubbing him eyes. Naku! umiyak na!!! As 'nanay' as I can be, naiyak tuloy ako. His teachers were now trying to comfort him and finally they requested that Andee accompany him for the meantime. (In the picture, he does not want Andee to leave his side) Oh well, and I thought 'barumbado' itong si Diego. Tumitiklop din pala!

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