Sunday, July 01, 2007

2 more for ZZZ

Was at the RCBC theater at around 2pm waiting for my team mates to arrive. Half excited and sad since this will be the first time I'd be in great company with equally high- 'sharing-a-true-sense-of-friendship-weirdness' kind of thing (mababaw ang kaligayahan, in short), who are not afraid to laugh their heart out and appreciate gay campiness, and well, sad because it's reportedly the very last of the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah muzical runs here in Manila (here in Manila--read between the lines ..hehe).

I was here yesterday (June 30th 3pm) as well, with Ron, my brother mistaken to be a Carlo-Vergara look alike (hello?!?! why not?!?! magkapatid e! Even Ron's kids seem to get confused with the two at times); my sisters-in-law, Marlene and Carol, and of course, Andee. Unlike the first few runs, wherein Eula was lead, language used-- *f-ck u*, *t-ngna mo* and all!--was ok for Andee to take. However, now with K, though personally, it was funnier, I was having second thoughts if it would be ok for Andee. Good thing Andee knew better. "Play lang naman yun e" Bless you baby. Anyway...

My favorite Dodong, hunk Lauren Novero, is playing. In-love ako sa boses niya! My heart flutters and my legs buckles for guys who sing beautifully. At last I was able to see Vince as Ada. He absolutely gave a different version which I also enjoyed. Danda boses!!!!! Very clear and crisp! And wow, his adlibs and take on Ada's lines were hilarious! The only thing I don't quite like about how he portrayed our Ada, is the 'gayness' in it. Sumobra ang pagka-bading. Ada is mahinhin, much like how Tuqx portrayed it. But then, I still love them both!!! Among the Didi's, Joey Paras still has that very warm best-friend-di-kita-iiwan appeal. There's something in this very young Tommy Lee Jones' look alike that hits my heart right smack in the ribcage. Very sincere, very best friend. Nar Cabico on the otherhand, young as he is (16-17?!?) , is a goldmine. And just like the other Didi's before him, he took the limelight. Timing was perfect. Emotions were there. And to top it all, "OMG dude! he's soooo very humble" as one of my team mates would always say. Wondeful choices! Kudos to Tanghalang Pilipino!

Maybe I got used to seeing K as Zaturnnah lots of times that I missed some of her adlibs when Eula took the helm. My team mates were really, really enjoying it and I was so overwhelmed that I wished Cak was sitting with us. The muzical just gets better and better and I have exactly the same sentiments as with all of the Zaturnnah fans out there--- that this muzical will have another run. Sadly, not at the near future... coz Ada, Didi, Dodong (and audience!) will have their next adventure in Manila... soon! Abangan ZsaZusunod na kabanata!

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