Sunday, September 16, 2007



There are visitors in the house right now. A little girl about Andee's age who I always 'see' peeking in the bathroom or when I change in my room, almost 'solid' so to speak, in shorts and white sando, no face-- or a blank face. She follows the kids around then disappears. The second one is a teenager, don't know if it's a girl or boy, who stands by the stairs. Just a few minutes ago, he/she walked past mama's room while we were there.

The kid has been here for almost 3 weeks now. Comes and goes. The teenager, just this week. One thing that I noticed is if the weather is quite cool, here they are. Don't know if there's any connection with that. Previous experiences happened in cooler weather-- my encounter with the little ones, the lady, the man in my room, etc. All who had in one way or another 'shared time', unforgetable time -- bad... or 'good' (!?!?).

Now my brother, Ron and sister-in-law, Marlene, brought home my new 2-week old niece. Hmmm... just wondering...


Anonymous said...

creepy.. when things like that happen.. sometimes it depends on the situations sa house. either kung may buntis or may bagong panganak. pero that will at the very least show a different kind of entity.. probably more on sa niece mo and not you.

fortuitous faery said...

"the others"?

maybe the cooler weather "enhances" your sixth sense?

you have a gift...and i do remember your older post with the unexplained apparition in the picture.

kwentong kama ni mike said...

this is the first time i read your blog. it's quite creepy. di ka natatakot, like in the movie "the sixth sense"?

Reia said...

Fortuitous Faery.. yes, perhaps. The thing here too, is the old 'wounds' (long story) that i had before because of previous encounters, also seem to recur during these times. Looks like I'll be posting a different story about that... :-)

Kwentong Kama ni Mike.. thanks for the visit. What's funny is that, you get the chills if you don't see anything but feel that someone or something is there. Pero if you 'see' them.. wala lang. You get used to it.

charmaine said...

hello! this is charmaine - havent been to your site in a while - i;ve been having an affair with multiply behind blogger's back.....THIS FREAKED ME OUT!!! holy crud. mumu!!!!!!! as in literally.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
i hope they have gone away now!!

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