Saturday, September 15, 2007


Went to St. Scho to get Andee's report card, trying much not to mind how blurred my vision is due to sore eyes-- which is sooo weird why this is. Anyway, like I described before, their report cards are now printed in paper form unlike our time when report cards ARE report cards. Lowest grade and the only grade in the line of eight, is 87 for Social Studies. Highest is 95 for Math (di mana sa akin ito) while the rest are between 90 to 92's. Trua enough too, we wagered on giving Andee a reward for good grades most especially if she'd get a perfect score on her exams, in this case, Math. Her request? SUNGKA.

Tuwa naman ako. Instead of asking for bling-blings, or knick-knacks or whatever, she prefers this. Got her one. Di na siya maawat.


Anonymous said...

i love playing sungka too!!!! if only the kids today know what they are missing!

fortuitous faery said...

this is an unusual request for a younger cousins here would ask for things like nintendo ds or ipod nano.