Monday, September 10, 2007

Not like it used to be

It was not how I last remembered it to be. My last (fond) memory of 'sore eyes' was way back in college when, on our way home from a Channel 4 taping (yeah, may channel 4 pa non) -- our then Maryknoll College Liturgical Choir opened a morning show (forgot the name!) with a Christmas Song-- I felt itchiness and 'stickiness' in both eyes. That night, my eyes were red.

This time, now, count more than a decade and a half later, there was no itchiness felt at first, but pain. Then redness. Before, putting eye drops then was pure heaven-- cool and refreshing, and soothes the itchiness. But now, OMG! it's like your eyes are being scrapped by pins that you'd like to jump out from your seat! Very painful. Maiiyak ka sa sakit at hapdi. But then again it gets more painful because of the tears. What happened? My eyelids are more swollen, though honestly I like it -- gives me a good eyelid hehe. There is still that sandlike feel in the eye but not like how I remembered it then when it was literally like sand in your eyes. Mas malagkit ang feeling ngayon. And most of all, gave me a fever and a flu-like feeling. This is weird. It's like it's a new strain or something. I'll be back to the doctor.. why the fever, doc?!?

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