Thursday, October 25, 2007

Diego's Halloween

It was a Halloween gig at Diego's school last Saturday, the 20th. Was argueing with Diego about just wearing his Ranger costume (the one he wore during Hugo's birthday) but he insisted. Ok lang. Si Tiangge naman bahala sa costume.

So there you go. KOF's (Kids On Focus) discourages scary costumes this year so you'd actually see a LOT of fairies, princesses, Supermans, Batmans, Flashes, and Power Rangers. Pine street was half utilized, literally became a party venue when Jollibee made a special guest appearance and danced to the tune of 'Papaya'! The kids had fun and of course, brought home bags of goodies and treats!

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fortuitous faery said...

cute naman...little men of steel! hehe.