Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fuss over a cellphone

My recent FB status shows the following:
My Eric died a natural death.. been together happily for almost 5 years. He already hinted last year that he can't be with me any longer. I was stubborn and I won't let go, yet he struggled to stay. A few days ago I reluctantly turned my attention to BB.. and that was when he finally let go.
Reading it over again made me feel a lump on my throat, heaviness inside. Akala ng iba, kung sino na yun. Actually, it made me think that I did refer it as if it were an actual person. Am I getting over sentimental with gadgets?!?! My SE810i has been a faithful companion for the longest time. Given to me by my brother, Earl, it has survived a salt-water plunge in Dubai when he was assigned there. Had it for a while then replaced it with an iPhone. So 'Eric' has been with me and recorded a lot of good (and bad) memories.

Last year, Eric showed signs of slowness and blacks out every now and then. Life expectancy would be less than 24 hours until I revive him. But then sometimes even that doesn't work. Then he'll surprise me one day waking me up from my sleep. Happy ulit. I was reluctant to replace him mainly because he is all I could ask for. But then there were instances when I needed him the most and he is not there.

Work finally introduced BB Curve. He catched my eye because he doesn't look too intimidating as his other companions who are too 'Bold'. It took a while for me to decide, and I finally did. After two weeks, I introduced BB to Eric. Their exchange went on smoothly and they got along pretty well. Then last week I began spending most of my time with BB. Eric probably knew that it would be inevitable. The other day when I checked to see how he was doing, he lay quiet. Efforts on reviving him proved unsuccessful. I will miss you, Eric. Thanks for the memories!

... and thanks for giving me the inspiration to start writing again.

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