Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fabulous at 90!

I finally finished the artwork for Lola's 90th birthday celebration come August 15th-- took me a week to decide on what to do, but only a second to conceptualize when I saw Mama's rough .odt file design. Sorry nanay..hehe -- it was an inspiring moment for me.

The decided color theme for her birthday is purple. Color of royalty. Naks! Everyone's excited going home to Palawan. Even the kids and yaya. First plane ride ba naman eh! Had to write a letter to Diego's school sa San Benildo requesting a special schedule for exam (swak naman kasi for their 1st grading exam). At least Andee will be done with hers (week before). Mama will be leaving one week ahead of schedule to help out with the preparation. On our part, we are still fine tuning the program. The kids (grand apo's) will be dancing to the tune of 'Oh Carol'; while we, (immediate apo's) will be singing Lola and Lolo's 1940's theme song 'Yours'. Mama and her sisters will be singing AND dancing 'Sweet Caroline'-- now that, I needed to see!


D'Kyut said...

galing! you're a true artist talaga ka-yang! kaya nga one time, may e-mail/blog ako that i didn't share with you kasi nahiya ako baka bumilib ka...este!

fortuitous faery said...

What an elegant design, indeed! Hope you all have a fabulous time in Palawan! Especially the birthday lady!